JCh Claychalk Costa Leva

Qualified for Crufts 2012
Junior Champion of Bulgaria and Georgia
     black female
Date of birth: 17.02.2010.
HD: A , ED: 0/0 (GRSK -FCI)
prcd-PRA: N/N Clear
EIC-PCR: N/EIC Carrier
Narcolepsy-PCR: N/N Clear
/Blood gentests - Laboklin GmbH/
 Breeder: Mr. F.S, & Mrs. H.R. Gilroy, kennel "Claychalk", Scotland
Owner: Albena Chakarova - Petkova, Bulgaria

22.09.2012 - Czech Retriever Club Show, Oslavany, Czech Republik
Class "Open", Exc. 3rd
Judge: Mr. David Coode (UK)
* * *
16.06.2012 - Special Club Retriever Show, Cacak, Serbia
Class "Open", Exc. 1st, CAC!
Judge: Mrs. Anja Verbeek (NL)
  "2 years old Quality girl, showing a pretty picture. Beautiful head with kind expression, good topline and tailset, excellent otter tail, excellent angulation front and rear, good bone and feet, deep body with excellent barrel ribs, good coat condition.Showed well, moves with drive around ring."  Mrs. Anja Verbeek
* * *
19.05.2012 - World Club Show 2012, Anif - Austria
Class "Open", Exc. 3rd, Judge: Mr. Frank Kane (UK)
18.05.2012 - World Dog Show 2012, Salzburg - Austria
Class "Open", Excellent, Judge: Mr. Per Iversen (Norway)
17.05.2012 - Austrian Retriever Club Show, Aigen - Austria
Class "Open", Exc. 3rd, Judge: Mrs. Barbara Muller (Switzerland)
"Female of good size and strong bones, nice feminine head, well expressed stop, very well placed neck, very well expressed depth of the chest and ribs, correct front and rear angulation, nice movements, correct on the move."
  * * *
28.04.2012 - Surprising Labrador Retriever Club Show Sofia, Bulgaria
Class "Open", Exc. 1st, 2nd Best Female on the show
R CAC, BOS 2, Judge: Mrs. Eva Mjelde (Norway)
"Black bitch of excellent type, feminine head with good expression, excellent neck and shoulder, well made short - coupled body, in good coat, well angulated behind, moves OK."   Mrs. Eva Mjelde
* * *
11.12.2011 - CACIB Sofia, Bulgaria
Class "Intermediate", Exc.2nd, R CAC
Judge: Mrs. Nina Kharatishvili (Russia)
* * *
10.12.2011 - CACIB Sofia, Bulgaria
Class "Intermediate", Exc.2nd, R CAC
Judge: Mrs. Galina Todorova (Bulgaria)
* * *
25.09.2011 - Austrian Retriever Club Show "Retrievertrophy", Grafenegg, Austria
Class "Intermediate", Excellent
Judge: Mrs. Heather Wiles-Fone (UK)
"Very sweet black displaying good balance, well shaped head, good eye colour, neat ears, correct layback of shoulder, compact body, presented in good coat, good tail, well boned legs and neat feet. Moved soundly and showed steadily. Good type throughout."   Mrs. Heather Wiles-Fone
24.09.2011 - CACIB Tulln, Austria
Exc.3rd, Class "Intermediate"
Judge: Mr. Jeavons Guy (Canada)
* * *
05.09.2011 - Bulgarian Labrador Retriever Club Show, Sofia
Class "Intermediate", Exc. 1st, 2nd Best Female on the show
R CAC, BOS 2, Judge: Mrs. Carole Coode (UK)
"Very pleasing outline, would like the head to be bigger, good body, ribs have spring with depth, topline, tailset are good, sound mover, good legs and feet, correct coat, nice tail."   Mrs. Carole Coode
* * *
04.08.2011 - CAC Georgia, Albena, Bulgaria
Exc.1, JCAC, JBOB / Best Junior
Judge: Mr. Rui Oliveira (Portugal)
* * *
03.08.2011 - CACIB Albena Cruft's qualification
Exc.1, JCAC / BJC, Qualified for Crufts 2012
Judge: Mr. Bo Skalin (Finland)
* * *
15.05.2011 - Special LR Club Show, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Class "Junior", Excellent, Judge: Mr. Maurice Givan (Scotland)
"Feminine head, nice expression. well set ears, nice neck, well placed shoulders, nice topline, good tailset, nice bone structure, standing good, good rear angulation, nice movements."
* * *
29.04.2011 - CACIB Sofia Balkan Winner, Sofia, Bulgaria
Class "Junior", Exc.1, JCAC / BJC
Judge: Mrs.Dorothea Hanlon - Caroll (Ireland)
"Nice head, well set ears, dark eyes and correct bite, nice topline and well expressed, nice type. well angulated hocks, nice movements with correctly expressed front and rear angulation"
* * *
28.04.2011 - CAC Georgia, Balkan Winner, Sofia, Bulgaria
Class "Junior", Excellent
Judge: Annika Ulltveit Moe (Sweden)
* * * 
26.03.2011 - Romanian Retriever Club Show, Medias, Romania
Exc.1, Best Junior Female, BEST BITCH, B.O.S.,
Judge: Mrs. Caron Morton (UK)
"Beautiful black of obvious quality, the most lovely head and expression.
She shouts Labrador from her nose to the tip of her tail.
Beautiful balanced outline, so clean and correct, wonderful angulation in front, lovely bone and feet, firm rounded quarters, good coat and tail, moves so very well, liked her very much." 
* * *
03.10.2010 - EUROPEAN DOGSHOW, Celje, Slovenia
VP1, BEST PUPPY, Best Puppy of Breed,
Judge: Mrs. Tina Herman (Slovenia)
 * * *
02.10.2010 - SPECIAL SHOW for RETRIEVERS, Pragersko, Slovenia
VP 1, BEST PUPPY, Judge: Mrs. Margaret Brown (Scotland)
"Lovely young bitch, very feminine, with a kind expression. Good depth of forth chest, clean strong neck. Excellent topline and tail. Lovely line in profile. Moved soundly. Very promising puppy" 
 * * *
09.09.2010 - CACIB Albena, Bulgaria; Class "Puppy"
Very Promising, Best Puppy
* * *
08.09.2010 - CACIB Albena, Bulgaria; Class "Puppy"
Very Promising, Best Puppy, BIS Puppy
* * *
23.05.2010 - Special LR Club Show, Sofia, Bulgaria
Class "Baby" (only 13 weeks old)
Very Promising, 3rd, Judge: Mrs. Margaret Brown (Scotland)
"Lovely puppy, very femininein head, excellent topline, good bone, tailset right from backline, double coat evident by the side."
* * *
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